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Quick Fix Medical Services

We  treat several common acute and uncomplicated medical conditions that do not require additional testing or follow up. Our goal is to get you feeling better quickly and  back to your daily routine.  We are not an urgent care, walk-in or primary care office. We offer affordable office visits but do not take insurance. Typically appointments are available the same day or at least within 1-2 days. Please see our list of Quick Fix services below. Click on the book appointment link and choose Quick Fix services from the drop down services menu or call      (253)904-8132 to make an appointment. 

Here is a list of the problems and complaints we can treat:

Bladder Infection

Chest colds (bronchitis)

Cold sores (HSV breakouts)

Ear infections

Lacerations (simple)

Pink eye



Sinus infections

Sore throat (pharyngitis)

Please note we do not see serious or chronic medical conditions, refill routine medications or prescribe controlled substances. If your condition or problem does not fall into one of the categories please call or make an appointment with your primary care provider,  go to a local urgent care or emergency department depending on the severity. This is not a covid testing clinic. 

NOTE: If you are having a medical emergency please call 911 immediately.

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