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Gianna Goodman

My 50th birthday was the trigger to make me start a weight loss program. I wanted to lose the 40 lbs I had gained over the past seven years before I hit the half century mark. I tried a number of eating plans/diets and while I collected quite a few different recipes, the weight loss was slow and only 5lbs-7lbs over many months. I was very frustrated and gave up.

I was driving past Linden Village and noticed the Aura sign, googled them when I got home and decided I needed to schedule a consult to see what the medical weight loss program was about. One April 18th, I began my weight loss program and have lost over 25lbs.I have more energy, find it easier to move so am more active, I am sleeping better, no longer must take blood pressure meds, my clothes fit better (I am actually now having to buy smaller sizes) and I have a more positive outlook on life in general.

The team at Aura is fantastic. It is obvious that Dan and T.T. are truly focused on and thoroughly enjoy helping their patients achieve their personal goals in weight loss and/or  aesthetic procedures. They are mindful of the fact that what they do helps patients physically as well as mentally. Dan has provided me with helpful tricks to stay motivated, increase my exercise, and make healthy food choices.

I have recommended the program to family members and friends. My sister took my advice, and she is experiencing the positive impact of the program now as well. I feel AWESOME and am enjoying my new lifestyle.

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